Design and build your dream home

Let Luxart Homes custom design and build your next home in one of our established communities or on your preferred parcel of land.

Custom Design

Luxart Homes provides the opportunity to design your dream home with our help. You can create your own unique plan tailored to you and your family’s needs. Each custom design is made to be an expression of your definition of luxury, your tastes, your family, and what you envision in your dream home.

You can even start with a sketch of what you envision in your home. Bring us ideas you like, such as layout ideas, room ideas, even a clip you cut from a magazine, and the Luxart design team will work with your ideas to create a workable plan from which to build your dream home.

Luxart Design

Luxart Homes has on hand a selection of home designs from which you are free to choose. Luxart has mastered the art of combining luxury with practicality. Each plan is expertly designed, with the perfect combination of luxury, practicality and efficiency to make your home a place of comfort and relaxation, but also convenience, providing the ability to manage a busy lifestyle and family.

When working with a Luxart design, there is still opportunity to tailor and customize each design to your own tastes and desires, using the Luxart design as a starting point.


Turnkey Build in a Luxart Subdivision

Luxart has several City (city-serviced, 55-63′ lots) and several Estate (septic and well, trees, larger 1-3 acre lots) subdivisions underway. In these subdivisions, the lots have been evaluated and are determined to offer you the best value in your home for years to come.

Luxart can build your home for you in one of these subdivisions, taking responsibility for every aspect of the build, all included in the base price.

Turnkey Build in Another Subdivision

Have you been eyeing a lot somewhere that Luxart Homes is not yet building?

To save you the out-of-pocket cash, Luxart Homes will purchase that lot for you (on your behalf), and build your home for you, taking responsibility for every aspect of the build, all included in the base price.
Standard deposit structure (balance due upon close) applies.

Build on Your Lot

Do you own a lot already and are looking to find a builder?

Luxart Homes would be happy to design and build on your lot. You benefit from Luxart’s proven track record of high quality construction, dedicated customer service, and skilled build coordination.


Feel free to contact us at 613-253-7571 to discuss any other option you might have in mind.